The Women’s Commission has been reinstated after







Who We Are

WomComMatters is a citizen's collective that came into being in 2018, with a petition demanding for a fully functional Telangana Women’s Commission. Constituted by several stakeholders of the society making up for inclusivity and broad impact of our actions, our volunteer base comprises - students, social workers, advocates, counsellors, homemakers, and people of binary and non-binary gender identities. As a collective, we campaign for gender justice with intersectional feminism defining all our actions.

Why Women's Commission Matters

Women’s Commission Matters - because institutions matter!
From its inception, the National and State Commissions have worked steadfastly to safeguard women's rights and have drafted policies, made crucial recommendations and played an vital part in advocating for effective solutions against discrimination and gender based violence. With Telangana, a body of this level is present but not functional, which raises questions about where the responsibility for representation and advocacy falls. This gross negligence continues even when cases of gender-based violence and crimes spike in the state. WCM works with the singular aim to target these issues and ensure that matters of gender safety and its nuances are addressed by institutions sensitive towards these causes.

Telangana has the


SDG5 index score

43.1% |

married women have experienced spousal violence in Telangana.

Only 1 |

seat held by a woman in the parliament.

Goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goals aims to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. We wish to strive for the inclusive development of marginalized genders.


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Chief Secretary, Telangana Govt issued a G.O on 27/12/2020 announcing the chairperson and 6 other members.