Awaaz-e-Telangana is a year-long immersive programme aimed to empower passionate citizens with tools & networks to influence policy action and make a difference in public narrative.
First cohort: 25 womxn | 6-day weekend learning lab begins from 9th Jan, 2021
“Have you ever found yourself fighting the good fight alone? Do friends associate your name with ‘anger at injustice’ or ‘action for justice and equality’ or ‘always doing something’? Do you wish you knew more on how to create a long lasting impact and find your tribe in the process?”

Awaaz-e-Telangana fellowship has been designed with enthusiasts, champions, and advocates of gender equality in mind. With its year-long immersive program, it aims to nurture & empower passionate changemakers with learnings & tools to advocate and contribute towards a better society. With an objective to influence policy action and provide an informed perspective to public narrative, the selected fellows will learn to design, run effective campaigns and citizen movements for issues related to gender and governance.

The fellowship has distinct but interrelated journeys of change for both Men and Womxn. We acknowledge the differentiated experience of gender at the intersection of caste, class, and other constructs, therefore decided to conduct sessions separately for the cohort of womxn & men to ensure the participants learn & unlearn from inequity & power imbalances raised from their discourse and seek solutions to address gender disparity.

Deadline: 25th December 2020

Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis, all participants will be finalized by Dec 30th.

Key Highlights

Knowledge and Technical Skills
  • Build a strong understanding of online and offline campaigns
  • Learn to Act instead of just react by initiating petitions
  • Communication skills - Storytelling, personal and campaign narratives
  • Outreach skills - Social media messaging, drafting letters, media engagement
  • Technical skills - teamwork, fundraising, conflict resolution
Personal development
  • Participate in reflective practices to seek inner clarity
  • Understanding our biases, privileges, and social positioning
  • Get exposed to personal transformative tools for inner growth
  • Be a part of (un)learning journey through self-care and community-care sharing circles
  • Receive mentoring throughout the year-long engagement with the Fellowship
  • Be part of a community of active citizens
  • Integrate with the larger #WomComMatters ecosystem
  • Listen & interact with experienced campaigners
  • Build collaborations to work together
  • Understand community-specific challenges and engage in its problem solving

Eligibility criteria for the 1st cohort

Individuals who
  1. Identify as woman/ transwoman
  2. Aspire to be changemakers/ community leaders/ organizers
  3. Are in the age group of 16 – 50
  4. Reside or belong to Telangana
  5. Can dedicate 6 Days for the fellowship & 10 hours/ week to work on their campaigns till Dec, 2021
  6. Respect different cultures
  7. Are willing to learn to wear gender lens to look at socio-economic problems
  8. Have stable internet connection
  9. Can speak, write, and understand Telugu and English
  10. Basically, people who are bonkers enough to think they can change the world, and bold enough to actually do it

Timeline of the fellowship


Fellowship details in Telugu