#Women Commission Matters

#WomComMatters, advocating for the establishment of a fully functional Women Commission and it’s website in Telangana through petition and liaison with stakeholders.


Periods don’t stop during pandemic", Collaborated with 'Orikalankini' to supply sustainable cloth pads to effected communities in India.

Good Girl series

Discrimination and oppressive social norms are key barriers to global economic growth and social change that can emerge from womxn's empowerment and gender equity. The UN Secretary General’s High-Level Panel on women's issues concluded, ‘Changing norms should be at the top of the 2030 Agenda.’ We all have a role to play in challenging these adverse social norms and reshaping stereotypes.

We believe that stories are an effective tool to alter the narrative.

On our weekly Instagram live, we listen to womxn who are redefining pervasive stigmas about gender in our patriarchal society.


Bodylogue is a biweekly circle that allows individuals to break away from the shackles of body image and build a safe space for those struggling. To understand our bodies - the distortion between ourselves and how the world shapes our perception about our bodies, and navigate through these choppy waters of judgments and love our bodies the way we are.

During the sessions, it’s an individual's choice to talk or not or to only listen to others, and with a solemn promise to let the words stay locked within the group. We work in the capacity of good listeners and offer no counseling or advice.

Letter of Belief

Have heard of 'Letters to Juliet?'
it's a tradition of sending letters of love to secretaries of Juliet, Italy.
Inspired by this, we started 'Letter of belief', to connect 55 girl students in Asifabad district to women in Hyderabad through letters. As a way to encourage young rural girls with their goals and aspirations, we’ve gathered 55 appreciation letters written by women on March 3, 2019, wishing the young minds the best of all for their future endeavors.

Barabari Pe Charcha

Webinar series to engage diverse stakeholders on discussions & actions towards reducing gender disparity.