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#Women Commission Matters

'National Commission for Women', is a body exclusively instated, to work towards securing the rights of women and expedite the process of justice and equal opportunities by making representations and giving recommendations to the central & state government to make gender-inclusive policies.

The Women’s Commission has a strong fourteen-point mandate divided under four subheads:

  • Review the legal safeguards for women;
  • Recommend remedial legislative measures;
  • Facilitate redressal of grievances; and
  • Advise the Government on all policy matters affecting women.

The elephant in the room- For two years now

While atrocities against women are on the rise, the Telangana State Women’s Commission (TSWC) chairperson post has been lying vacant for over two years now. The State Government has deliberately neglected the nomination of the Chairperson of the Commission since July 2018 and the position of such high importance has been vacant for nearly 25 months, since the r the previous Chairperson, Tripurna Venkata Ratnam’s term ended. Despite receiving funds from the Women and Child Welfare department, the body has been non-functional and does not have as much as an online portal to file complaints in the state. The State commission has to submit an annual report featuring the inadequacies, shortcomings of laws in force that affect the Constitutional Right to equality & fair treatment of women, and also on the remedial legislative measures. But according to our RTI, there has been no report published for the past 6 years by TSWC.

We are aware that the state of Telangana has taken steps to empower women through its Bharosa centers and She Teams, yet, what remains amiss is the collective spirit to make Telangana a safe haven for all genders.

The greatest roadblock is the lack of acknowledgment of “Women’s Rights” as a “community issue”. Until the community and its representatives don't empower the voices of women in the state by recognizing and taking necessary steps to amplify their issues, the women in the state will remain in a perennial state of marginalization.

Furthermore, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has opened a pandora's box of socio-economic problems for women who were already reeling under the burden of patriarchal structures. From “Shecession” to the “Shadow pandemic” women’s woes just got worse.

With nobody to look through the gender lens and statistically measure our issues, we are facing a predicament like never.

A fully functional Telangana State Women’s Commission is the need of the hour.

Sign our petition and together let us ask the Hon'ble Chief Minister, Minister for Women and Child Welfare, and IT minister to:

  1. Appoint chairperson and make Telangana state commission for women fully functional; and
  2. Publish an online portal for the State Commission for Women, Telangana.

Despite being the youngest state in the country, the state of Telangana has made impressive strides in many areas, especially the IT sector. But women don’t have access to a simple online portal where they can register their complaints, without having to go to a police station And this absence is despite receiving 100% of funds from the Women and Child Welfare Department is disheartening, to say the least Under Section 4(2) of The Right to Information Act, 2005 provision of a website also becomes a legal mandate.

Let us strive together to help Telangana achieve a better position by showing its commitment towards women's safety starting with increased visibility, transparency, and accountability of the State Commission for Women.

The change is for the collective, hence the effort must be collective.

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